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        Introduction of rotary adsorption, concentration and purification equipment

        2020-10-09 1011

        The rotary adsorption, concentration and purification equipment adopts three continuous procedures of adsorption concentration desorption incineration, which is mainly aimed at the treatment of waste gas, especially suitable for the environment with large air volume and low concentration. The rotary adsorption concentration and purification process belongs to VOC waste gas treatment equipment, which mainly uses ceramic fiber as the base material, and then makes into a honeycomb large disk wheel system, and the surface of the equipment is coated with hydrophobic zeolite as adsorbent. It is mainly composed of five systems: exhaust gas pretreatment system, runner concentration and adsorption system, desorption system, cooling and drying system and automatic control system.

        The wheel adsorption concentration purification equipment can be used in exhaust treatment of various painting workshops, such as automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, etc. It is also used in exhaust treatment of various printing workshops, semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing process, exhaust treatment


        Liquid crystal display manufacturing process exhaust treatment and lithium-ion battery manufacturing process exhaust treatment and so on... It can be seen that this equipment is widely used.

        The rotary adsorption concentration and purification equipment is a kind of waste gas treatment equipment with energy saving and no secondary pollution. It has the characteristics of high energy, stability, low comprehensive operation cost and so on. It is one of the advanced equipment for treating low concentration waste gas. Its structural features are as follows;

        1. The adsorption and desorption rate is high, so the work efficiency is relatively high;

        2. The pressure drop caused by the adsorption of VOCs on the runner is relatively low, which can reduce the power consumption and save the electric energy;

        3. It can convert the original high air volume and low concentration VOCs waste gas into low air volume and high concentration waste gas;

        4. The whole system adopts modular design, which has a relatively small space demand, but also provides a continuous and unmanned control form;

        5. The equipment has an automatic control system, which can not only start with one key and operate simply, but also monitor important operation data with man-machine interface.

        Source: Jiangmen environmental protection equipment http://www.foour.com

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