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        How to solve the problem of waste gas treatment equipment blockage in Jiangmen Guoqi environmental protection

        2020-10-09 953

        1. Strictly control the components of desulfurization solution, and control the pH value, total alkalinity, Na2CO3, NaHCO3, by-products and suspended sulfur within the target scale. The solution to the blockage of waste gas treatment equipment is to select the appropriate filler according to the circulation amount of desulfurization liquid.

        2. Ensure the in-service air intake and blowing strength, ensure the in-service efficiency, analyze and separate the elemental sulfur by flotation.

        3. Rich liquid tank is set in desulfurization system


        Rich liquid pump and cooling tower are used to ensure that the desulfurizing liquid has the sufficient time for production, the release time of dissolved gas and the solution temperature within the recommended operating temperature range.

        4. Improve the water quality of cooling tower and pre purification of semi water gas. The industrial waste gas treatment equipment of wastewater treatment plant should increase the amount of water on the scrubber before desulfurization, and open electrostatic decoking to reduce the content of coal dust particles, tar, etc. which are substituted into the desulfurization system.

        5. Strengthen the handling of desulfurization solution and strictly abide by the overall technical objectives.

        6. It is stipulated that the sulphur foam should not be poured continuously into the foam tank, and the recovered liquid should be settled before being applied to the system.

        7. Use technical accounting to select the appropriate solution circulation volume, and regularly increase the solution circulation volume, and the waste gas treatment equipment continuously scours the packing section of the desulfurization tower.

        Source: Jiangmen Guoqi environmental protection http://www.foour.com

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