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        Process analysis of maintenance of wastewater treatment equipment

        2020-10-09 920

        We have a better understanding of the main purpose of wastewater treatment equipment, which is to treat domestic sewage and similar industrial wastewater to meet the reuse water quality requirements, so that the wastewater can be reused after treatment.

        However, the maintenance of wastewater treatment equipment is mainly based on prevention and scheme maintenance. Equipment condition survey shall be carried out at least once a year. According to the actual technical status and general survey status of equipment operation, the equipment department shall prepare annual overhaul plan and report it to leaders for approval. Equipment maintenance shall be carried out according to the equipment operation and maintenance manual. The following is how to overhaul the wastewater treatment equipment.

        1. The monthly maintenance plan shall be carried out according to the annual maintenance plan, and Jiangmen waste gas and wastewater treatment equipment company shall formulate the detailed maintenance plan.

        2. Equipment maintenance procedures and technical standards shall be formulated江門廢氣廢水處理設備公司In accordance with the relevant equipment maintenance procedures, and strictly implement to ensure the quality of maintenance.

        3. For equipment maintenance or technical innovation, drawings shall be attached and submitted to the superior for approval before implementation.

        4. The practical scheme for the maintenance of public pipelines and systems shall be formulated by Jiangmen waste gas and wastewater treatment equipment company and implemented after being approved by the superior. The professional maintenance, on-site contact and inspection shall be undertaken by the manufacturer.

        5. The equipment department shall organize each part to prepare the major and medium repair plan before October every year.

        6. Special personnel shall be assigned for equipment overhaul.

        7. The overhauled waste gas and waste water treatment equipment in Jiangmen shall be inspected by relevant personnel organized by the equipment department, and can be put into normal production and use only after passing the inspection. The maintenance records shall be filled in carefully and filed after being cleaned up.

        Source: Jiangmen waste gas and wastewater treatment equipment company http://www.foour.com

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