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        Factors leading to leakage of waste gas treatment equipment

        2020-10-09 998

        In the application process of manufacturing waste gas purification equipment, oil leakage may occur occasionally. In view of this phenomenon, people should stop the operation of the equipment immediately and check what causes the oil leakage of industrial waste gas equipment. In view of this situation, some existing problems have been found. The following Jiangmen waste gas and wastewater treatment equipment company has compiled Bring us some knowledge.

        1. Unscientific planning

        It includes that the planning product staff did not fully consider the sealing or did not understand the sealing process; the sealing structure method was not scientific, which was not suitable for the working attitude, load specification, temperature and material characteristics, and did not pay attention to the anti rust, sensational, pressure equalizing and smooth Countermeasures of the equipment; and did not consider the elements such as air exchange, oil pump, fluid conduction and disassembly.

        Second, the fineness of manufacturing and extrusion molding is not good

        In the manufacturing process, vertical extrusion molding is not vertical, coordination is not good, poor coaxiality, finish is too high, resulting in defects such as exhaust port and sand hole during forging, and other factors with poor manufacturing and extrusion quality will lead to leakage.


        3. Improper selection of rubber seals

        Therefore, the selection of raw materials for waste gas purification equipment in manufacturing industry is unscientific and cannot be integrated into the sealed load specification, which leads to leakage. Rubber seals usually have high density, resilience, corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, abrasion resistance and other basic characteristics. According to different load specifications, people can choose the raw materials with key characteristics to fit the sealing specification.

        Fourth, supervision and maintenance are not tight

        It is understood that it is the root cause of equipment leakage, such as sealing components beyond the service life, but not immediately removed and replaced, loose standard parts, gland not immediately clamped and adjusted.

        V. wrong installation method

        Many causes of leakage are improper installation position, excessive axial force, side crack of sealing material, different torque force of tightening screw, and incorrect assembly process.

        Vi. load specification point

        It includes irritant, sensational, high temperature and high pressure, dust and external material corrosion.

        Source: Jiangmen waste gas and wastewater treatment equipment company http://www.foour.com

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