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        Analysis of waste gas treatment equipment including those five factors

        2020-10-09 1039

        Waste gas treatment equipment is also known as waste gas purification equipment. Waste gas treatment refers to the pretreatment of the waste gas produced by industrial sites and factory workshops before discharge, so as to meet the national standards for external emission of waste gas. Today we Jiangmen environmental protection equipment home for you to introduce the analysis of waste gas treatment equipment including which five factors.

        General waste gas treatment includes organic waste gas treatment, dust waste gas treatment, acid-base waste gas treatment, odor waste gas treatment and air purification.

        1. It can remove benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, acetone, butanone, ethanol, acrylic acid, formaldehyde and other organic waste gas produced by the factory workshop, and acid and alkali waste gas treatment such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and ammonia.


        Second, it depends on how the industry authorities recommend it. As the industry competent department, the recommendation credibility is relatively high.

        Third, it depends on the principle of waste gas treatment. At present, more and more waste gas treatment methods include active carbon adsorption, high temperature catalytic combustion, condensation, wet recovery, biological method, etc,

        4. It depends on the successful cases. Most companies in the market will have many successful cases.

        5. It depends on the brand. Look at the company's word-of-mouth and effect matching degree in the company.

        The above is our Jiangmen environmental protection equipment for you about the analysis of waste gas treatment equipment including the five factors, I hope our introduction can help you understand the relevant waste gas treatment equipment information.

        Source: Jiangmen environmental protection equipment http://www.foour.com

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