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        What are the precautions when using waste gas treatment equipment

        2020-10-09 910

        Waste gas treatment equipment is used in many industries. In fact, waste gas treatment equipment mainly uses different technologies to decompose and reduce harmful gases, so as to protect the environment. So in the use of what precautions? The following small to help you summarize the relevant knowledge.

        Industrial waste gas treatment equipment has strong power, large air volume and better effect than other treatment equipment. It can remove benzene, toluene, formaldehyde and a series of exhaust gas, which is widely used in chemical plant, electronic factory, printing plant, spray painting workshop, petrochemical operation and other places with dust, odor and smoke.

        1. Always check whether the spray in the absorption tower is blocked,


        If the industrial waste gas treatment equipment is blocked, it should be cleaned up in time or the tower should be cleaned.

        2. In the process of use, the acid-base concentration in the absorption solution should be checked in time. When the acid concentration is too high, the absorption solution should be replaced in time.

        3. When the equipment is in continuous operation, stop the blower for 1-2 minutes before stopping the circulating water pump. When using, the circulating water pump should be started for 2 ~ 3 minutes, and then the blower.

        4. The absorption liquid in the purification tower is added through the liquid filling tank. The liquid level is at the level of the inlet. After the industrial waste gas treatment equipment is operated, a part of the liquid will enter the circulation system, and the liquid will be added again to make it level with the liquid inlet; In the process of use, the use of absorption solution should be inquired. When it is found that the consumption is too much, it should be added in time. The absorption liquid should be checked every 8 hours, and it should be added in time when it is lack

        5. In the process of using industrial waste gas treatment equipment, the above precautions should be grasped to prevent equipment damage in the process of use, and to better grasp the operation progress.

        These are the summary of matters needing attention when using the waste gas treatment equipment of Jiangmen environmental protection equipment. I wonder how much knowledge you have learned after reading. In fact, these knowledge for many unfamiliar people and staff are very helpful, so we have a look at the above knowledge.

        Source: Jiangmen environmental protection equipmenthttp://www.foour.com

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