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        Common points for attention in installation of waste gas and wastewater treatment equipment in Jiangmen

        2020-10-09 975

        1. The user shall carry out the concrete foundation construction, and the installation surface of the foundation shall be on the same horizontal plane, and the allowable error shall not be greater than 5mm. The exhaust pipe of purification tower can be fixed by derrick type, and the foot is fixed with embedded steel plate by welding or embedded bolt. Therefore, the purification tower can not be fixed in general. The matching FRP fan is generally designed as steel frame vibration damping pedestal type, so the concrete foundation only needs to ensure the level of the installation surface.

        2. The purification tower and fan should be assembled according to the standard and sequence during the installation. During the installation of the fan, the sundries should be strictly prevented from falling in, so as to avoid damaging the impeller. After the purification tower is installed, the dirt in the tower must be cleaned before commissioning.

        3. Attention during installation: since glass fiber reinforced plastic is inflammable, it is forbidden to use open fire during installation and maintenance.

        4. In order to ensure the purification effect, the liquid tank circulates


        When the waste gas is acidic, the concentration of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) should be kept in the range of 2 ~ 6%. When washing alkali mist, the alkali concentration of circulating liquid should be kept ≤ 15%. Therefore, the circulating liquid of purification tower should be replaced regularly according to the actual situation.

        5. In order to ensure the normal operation of the purification equipment, special personnel shall be responsible for the management. It is necessary to regularly check whether the fan and water pump operate normally, whether the liquid level is normal, whether the absorption liquid concentration is within the specified range, etc. If any problem is found, it shall be solved in time.

        6. Metal supports such as exhaust pipe, derrick and fan of waste gas purification tower shall be treated with anti-corrosion every year to avoid affecting the use.

        7. Fan and water pump start operation: turn on the fan first and then the water pump when starting; turn off the water pump first and then the fan when shutting down.

        Source: Jiangmen waste gas and wastewater treatment equipment companyhttp://www.foour.com

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