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        Ten maintenance details of spray tower of Jiangmen Guoqi environmental protection waste gas treatment equipment

        2020-10-09 1125

        Exhaust tower, in the type of exhaust tower, is one of the exhaust towers with long service life. It can deal with almost all mixed gases, so far it is a very practical and cheap product in the treatment of mixed waste gas. It is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, printing and dyeing, medicine, pharmacy, steel, machinery manufacturing, electronics, electroplating, painting, paint and other industries. It mainly deals with tail gas such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrofuranic acid, and acid gases such as sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon oxides (CO, CO2), Qing compounds (HCN).

        In the process of use, as long as the maintenance is good. In general, there is no exception. How to maintain the scrubber so as to prolong the service life of the scrubber? This is what we should pay attention to. 99% of the tower body is made of PP. As we all know, PP materials have a great characteristic is that they can work normally at low and high temperatures of - 20-100 ℃. This shows that there is no need to worry about high temperature resistance. On the other hand, it also has strong corrosion resistance. It doesn't need to be considered. For the maintenance of the washing tower, the following points of attention and details of daily maintenance are made, if any of the following situations occurs. Please handle it in time so that the equipment can operate normally. I. check whether the sound of the fan is abnormal. The sound of the normal fan is consistent. If there is abnormal noise, this is the signal of fault.


        2. Check whether the fan belt is complete and whether there is fracture or fracture trace. If there is a fracture mark

        III. check whether the motor current is within the specified range, and the size and model of different washing tower fans are different. The specific current range is marked on the motor name plate.

        IV. whether the spray pump has abnormal sound and whether the bearing is in good condition.

        V. check whether the float valve is in good condition and whether the liquid level is controlled within 80 of the liquid tank floor. More or less liquid level will affect the filtration effect.

        6. Check whether the electric control box is rotten. If so, please handle it in time, or paint it for maintenance.

        7. Check whether there is water leakage in the pipeline and tower. If so, we suggest that the machine should be stopped first. Open the leakage after repair.

        8. We suggest to change the lubricating oil of the main shaft gear of the fan once every six months.

        9. We suggest that the water inside the tower should be replaced once a month.

        10. We suggest that the active cotton filter should be replaced every two weeks.

        Source: Jiangmen Guoqi environmental protectionhttp://www.foour.com

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