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        How to maintain environmental protection equipment in Jiangmen

        2020-10-09 988

        1. The user shall carry out concrete foundation construction according to the basic data provided by our company; the equipment should be installed on the concrete foundation more than 100 mm above the ground;

        2. Supporting pipes, valves, etc. shall be separately supported and shall not be fixed on tower equipment;

        3. Pay attention to protect the equipment during installation to avoid damaging the body and exposed parts. When the tower flange is connected with the external flange, the correct tightening method shall be adopted, and the excessive force shall not be allowed to cause cracks in the flange. The flange gasket shall not be steel gasket, but corrosion and oil resistant rubber gasket.

        4. After the equipment is installed, water is used for cyclic debugging, and there is no running, emitting, dripping, leaking, plugging and other phenomena in normal operation.

        5. Please confirm the gas flow rate and medium concentration when using


        If there is any change, please contact our company;

        6. When using, the circulating water pump should be started for 2-3 minutes, and then the fan should be started; when stopping, the fan should be stopped for 1-2 minutes before the circulating water pump is stopped. Attention should be paid to start the pump: the pump can not be reversed, can not be idling.

        7. Regularly check and maintain the water pump, valve, pipeline, nozzle and filter screen to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

        8. In order to ensure the normal operation of tower equipment, special personnel shall be responsible for the management. It is necessary to regularly check whether the fan and water pump are running normally, whether the spray pipe and air pipe are unobstructed, whether the liquid level of liquid storage tank is normal, whether the float switch of water replenishment is normal, whether the gas-liquid concentration is within the specified range, etc. if any problem is found, it shall be solved in time.

        9. Check all equipment regularly every year to prevent accidents.

        Source: Jiangmen environmental protection equipment http://www.foour.com

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